About Us

Best Executive Recruiting Firm In Canada

Nearly Two Decades of Search. A note from David Sherjan, Managing Partner/Owner

“Passion did lead me here. I can’t remember much before the beginning of my early recruitment adventures around 17 years ago. In that time I have personally worked with so many companies across 3 continents. In short, finding top talent for top companies hasn’t got old. In fact it keeps getting more exciting as the corporate landscape continues to evolve and leadership becomes more and more accepted as the anchor to a companies growth.”

Financial Placements
Technical Placements
Non for Profit/Education

How We do it

Search Process

1. Preliminary Chat

A full 360 of your business and detailed overview of the executive/s you’re looking to bring aboard. Full needs analysis.

4. Interviews & Benchmarking

Delivery of top 4 candidates for full cycle interviews as discussed prior. Additional 4 candidates ready to review.

2. Executive Analysis

Outlining of search steps, technical overview required, connect with team & senior leadership to define full fit. Final step before search begins.

5. Final Stages

Completion of ‘depth’ reference checks, on-boarding discussions with key equity partners (if needed). Final paperwork draft assistance.

3. Search/Selection

Prepare top 8 candidates for shortlist from 25-50. Landscape/competition mapping, network reach, database query projects + more. Fine tuning.

6. Selection Sign Off

Filing of final signed paperwork, transition of new candidate to new role assistance (where needed), final elements as needed.

Filling in The Gaps

Frequently Asked Q’s

What/how much are your fees?

Crown Search Group delivers a boutique, custom, relationship based service with the reach of companies 5 times our size. Really? Yes! Due to the fact our Search professionals are setup in a satellite capacity, the company has limited overhead, allowing us to charge 15% or less for all executive search placements. Give us a call, we might just exceed your expectations

Do I pay up front?

All our searches are retained, so yes, we require an engagement fee to begin the search for your next executive. This is typically a third of the full fee, allowing us to absorb up to 70% of the financial execution risk. The majority of our fees are due only after your candidate has been hired.

How come?

This is the difference between Executive Search and Contingent Recruitment. Most every major purchase in life require your engagement via a downpayment. Houses. Private Jet’s. Vacations. All are paid for to secure your commitment. Our dedicated search professionals work on 1/2 searches a month unlike traditional recruitment companies that frequently have their consultants work 5-10 searches per month. This guarantees clear, concise focus and is why our fill ratio is close to 100% through over 500 searches.

Why should we choose Crown Search Group?

We understand leadership and operations. EVERYTHING rises and falls on leadership (John C Maxwell). ALL of our team have either run their own enterprises or been in senior leadership for over a decade. Quick turnaround: 4-8 weeks from start of the search to signed offer. Deep ties in the Canadian leadership community: from our network we have garnered unrivalled access to the top of the top executives across Financial, Technology and O&G markets. Almost 100% fill ratio over 500 searches backed by a 12 month guarantee. We stand behind our work.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes 12 months. So, if during the 12 months following the executives start date, the individual decides to leave the corporation, we will redo the search without further charge.

How long does the process take?

Most executive/retained search firms around the world take up to 4 months. Whilst this may occasionally be our timeframe for some CEO searches, we’ll generally have found your CEO/EVP/VP/Director within 2-3 months. Because of our satellite reach and operational agility, we generally hit the mark every-time!