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Are you asking yourself this question?

TGIM readers! 7 days ahead. 7 Days to impact those you come into contact with. In a recent coaching session for a talented founder/co-founder pair, something came up in conversation and set the pace for an ELECTRICALLY exciting mid-end of session. So much so I had to share it this week. As a business owner or a high performance leadership executive you’re about results. I get it. It’s important. Across news outlets and social media we’re exposed to the sometimes incessant chatter about the grind and streamlining your day to create results. Getting up pre 5am and working late. Etc. Work work work. Results results RESULTS

“Wow. I think it’s the most important question. And no-one’s asking it.”

Spending some 1:1 time with Richard Branson back in 2010, and studying others since, it’s clear that billionaires just think differently. As a pre-requisite, they ask different questions. And they get…different results. In all these discussions and observations however, no-one has EVER dropped this question in front of me. ‘How are we going to ENJOY ourselves getting to point B?’ Wow. I think it’s the most important question. And no-one’s asking it.

The journey IS the destination. It always was. It always will be.

It’s become a fascination for me, why is no-one asking this question? Point A and Point B (start and finish) if you’re building anything of significance is the long game. And if this is true, doesn’t it follow that the start and the finish points are the two shortest moments in the journey? I mean, you’re going to live the majority of your time in between those markers. Rest assured readers, there should be FUN in your daily routine. LOTS of it. The world seems to have become so much about results it’s forgotten to LIVE life in the process of achieving them. Have you? If you’re doing business and you’re not having fun…you ain’t doing it right. 

ACTION: Your Five Fingers of Fun 

I want to encourage you (and your team) to integrate these five things into your day at various points to bring focus back to enjoying the journey. This is to be added outside of lunch breaks or anything of traditional routine. ‘Too busy people’ don’t worry theres only five. And you can count them on your fingers.

1. GRATITUDE: morning – 10 minutes

Gratitude unlocks the door to abundance consciousness. I have found this to be inherently true. Start your day focusing on the top three things (or more) that you’re grateful for. It HAS to be the very first thing you think of when you wake up and you may have to FORCE your mind to go there. Start with the question, ‘What am I grateful for?’ .

2. VISUALIZE (goals): morning – 10 minutes

I would encourage you to do this all day long but if you’re not doing it yet, start in the morning before you head out the door. Find a quiet space and take 8 deep, slow breaths. I call them the eight stairs to a quiet mind. You can stand or sit. Sitting comfortably I find best. Focus on seeing/feeling the air entering into your lungs as you’re breathing in. Breathing out, say to yourself ‘thoughts GONE’. After you’ve done this eight times (add/deduct as needed) pick your top three goals and imagine having each one accomplished. Imagine the feeling/life conditions as if you’ve actually achieved it. If your mind is busy, use the breathing technique above to reset and return to focus.

3. MOVE (your body): morning – 10 minutes

Believe it or not, exercising actually helps; improve brain function and memory, gives you MORE energy, releases feel good chemicals (endorphins) and much more. Push ups, sit ups, fast walk, whatever you want. Get a light sweat going (adjust to preference – should be outside your traditional workout routine).

4. READ (success book – invest in your mind): morning/noon/night 20 minutes

The most successful people in the world read 30-60 books a year. I’ve an article coming up on books that have most impacted my wife and I so far on my journey to retiring under 40 but until then I encourage you to study successful people’s reading recommendations. Read for 20 minutes a day OR up to when you read something (actionable) that impacts you from that book. Whichever comes first. This is my own developed practice that makes reading more intentional for me.

5. LAUGH. SMILE. GIGGLE: at LEAST once every hour

Laughing let’s the devil know he’s got no power over you. I’ve always like that and I think there’s some important truth to it. Everything in the universe is frequency. EVERYTHING. Did you know that the electromagnetism in your body actually changes to a produce higher frequency when you laugh? Something amazing happens to your physiology when you laugh, it breaks up any tension in your body. Consistent tension leads to dis-ease. Smiling/laughing/giggling can work wonders and is a miracle method as it relates to enjoying the journey. Did you know it can cure: bad employees, infuriating shareholders, terrible bosses, funky ailments and EVEN cancer. Yes indeed.


6. ADD VALUE TO SOMEONE NEW: anytime – 10 minutes

A multi multi millionaire once told me, ‘Add value to and exchange numbers with someone new EVERY day.’ Wow what a statement. Appreciated, this is outside the norm for most but remember, nothing grows inside your comfort zone. I have definitively discovered, especially through the last 5 years of intentionally doing this, your network leads toward your net worth. Who’s in yours?

That’s a WRAP for this week folks, become a master at enjoying YOUR journey, and a little tip; you’re likely going to miss the deadline for every goal anyway, if you’re an entrepreneur, so you might as well have fun doing it. Learn from the past. ACT but LOVE your time in the moment, use the future to get MORE excited. See you on the journey…

With abundance,


PS. email me feedback anytime. I might just need it

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