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  • Take a new/existing team to it’s growth potential
  • Take your credibility/influence as a leader to the next level
  • Create a ‘more than the money’ culture
  • Launch your legacy

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Preface: Team Success

I’ll be 38 in a handful of weeks (how did that happen?) and despite the fact I’ll be retiring next year, I feel hungrier for growth than ever. Developing teams that produce has been an extremely important focal point for my wife and I of late but especially, the last 6 years. In breaking up my third business in 2012 I had hit a point in my life where I REALLY felt like I wasn’t where I wanted to be.

“A great team in growth mode MULTIPLIES the reach of your impact.”

If this is how you’re feeling, welcome to the elite club of…everyone that’s ever embarked on anything of significance – the I thought I’d be further along club. This was really a strange notion at the time given that I had; back to back wins with building companies, made some money, lost some money, learned a TON and was about to begin my journey of producing/directing in mainstream Hollywood. End game. I started to ask myself why am I feeling unfulfilled?

Now it took some time and much reflection to shake this notion – I felt like I’d worked extremely hard, been disciplined and focused and genuinely felt like I’d been helping people. As the feeling of natural discouragement passed and I started to re-fit my sphere of influence in the background, I realized I had made a major mistake. I hadn’t spent enough time investing into others. Leaving a legacy.

“My wife and I have determined that our legacy is going to be developing as many successful people as we can in the next 20 years.”

TGIM folks, I’m genuinely excited to be talking about driving team success/growth this week. Because I believe a great team in growth mode multiplies the reach of your impact. We have 7 days in front of us to impact as many people as we can in a positive way but we can’t do it without others. If you’re green to this series and don’t receive that notion initially, stick around. Try it on for a bit. You might just like it.

You’ve Built the Team, Now Drive GROWTH!

Last week (TGIM #230) I let loose the cannons on my top 5 values of a team that thrives. This week it’s about unlocking the door to the growth of that team. As chapter 40 approaches me, my wife and I have determined that our legacy is going to be developing as many successful people as we can in the next 20 years.

Ideally those that stand on our example and go further. Way further. Spiritually charging our life by investing in others. We recognize that in order to do that we’re going to have to spend most of our allocated time investing into our leaders, our people, our team and each other. Continuously. Intentionally.

I can tell you without hesitation that this recent shift in focus is beginning to compound in such a way that I’m sitting here really looking forward to sharing our 6 keys to mega team growth! I believe you can apply these specifically and yet universally.

6 Keys: Unlock the Growth Door of Your Team

‘It marks a BIG step in your development when you come to realize that other people can help you do a better job together, than you can do alone (A Carnegie)’. Great statement. Let’s open the box, here are the 6 keys we’re using to ACCELERATE TEAM GROWTH:


At the core of the vision for your team should be the impact you’re here to create in the lives of others. Vision dictates and determines the direction (and confidence) of the people. If the team is the ship, vision is it’s daily compass. And teamwork gives you your BEST opportunity to turn the vision into reality.


You can call this passion if you like. If the vision lacks energy, passion, no-one is going to buy into it. Crucial. And, fellow business owners and leaders, no-one will buy into the vision UNTIL they have bought into YOU. Massive.


The closer we are as a team, the faster and deeper the vision can take root. Treat each other with a code of ethics, respect and trust and a strong rapport will be common place. Espirit De Corps. Camaraderie. Does your team have it?


We believe it’s ALWAYS the right time to do a great thing. BUT that doesn’t mean that others in your team are ‘ready’. Building a team that’s ready to execute a plan is absolutely critical to it’s early MO.


I think it’s fair to say that the majority of people are looking to be part of a calling vs. just doing another job. A calling has to have impact in it’s DNA. Without it, it’s virtually impossible to create the buy in from your team needed to move the ship across the ocean. Do you have a vision of impact?

I’ve got a bunch more to load up into the wagon before I hind slap the mule off into the sunset with this one, so there’s going to be a PART 3 to this in two weeks outlining actionable items for each of the 6 keys. Get ready, it’s going to be the MOST IMPACTFUL article yet. Are you fired up it’s Monday yet? Don’t forget fellow CEO’s, (whispers) it’s ok to get EXCITED in front of your people.

With abundance,


PS. email me feedback anytime. I might just need it

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