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  • Take your team building to the next level.
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  • Bring your existing team up a notch. Or three. By instilling these values.

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Past to Present: A Little Re-intro…

Why would you just want to be ‘alive’ when you can…’thrive’? Money question right off the maple; what area of your leadership do you need to level up in right now? Write it down. Action it. Today.

TGIM folks, x7 days ahead of us to make an impact in the lives of others. Blessed be our opportunity. TGIM is back and hopefully, better than ever. Those reading who subscribed to my last TGIM series will hopefully experience a fresh take and more actionable items this time around. And thank you to all who’ve written to me personally asking/clawing at me for over a year and a half for a reboot of the series. You know who you are. Big cats all.

“What area of your leadership do you need to level up in right now? Write it down. Action it. Today.”

Shoes off in we go. This week I want to talk about the 5 things we’ve been actioning to take our game, our people to the next level, with a specific focus on building an organization/team that thrives without us. You heard me. For those that don’t know, my wife and I own/operate two businesses. A traditional headhunting firm, Crown Search Group and an online franchising company, X1 Group. These make up the fourth and fifth businesses I’ve built in my 37 years. Some good. Some…questionable. Some I’ve taken from roots to exit. Others have exited themselves. Without a parting wave.

As Shae Beth and I expand X1 through a base of talented owner/operators, we have (this year) recently levelled up our criteria when it comes to vetting new potential CEO’s and the qualities we look for. It’s bringing us alive (and exciting growth) so much so, we wanted to share it. With you. With EVERYONE.

Build a Team That Grows Without You

What’s the best business? One that thrives without you. It’s no secret that I’m a mega fan of ice cream. I’m also a huge John C Maxwell fan and my wife and I make a point to get his latest book and see him once a year. Non negotiables. This teaching is an adaptation from his latest book Leadershift. Get your hands on it ASAP.

Now, if you’re reading this you’re likely either a business owner or someone who leads a team of sorts. This will work BEST if you’re growing a new team BUT can certainly be implemented into your existing people. Start talking about it TODAY.

“It’s bringing us alive (and exciting growth) so much so, that we wanted to share it. With you. With EVERYONE.”

The BIG 5: Values of a Team That Thrives

In my opinion, if you’ve built a life of abundance and you haven’t courted your victories with building people along the way, you haven’t built much. Something I consistently got wrong in building my first business through my twenties. So here they are, the top 5 qualities we have found and are finding that make up a winning team that thrive:

1. Intentionally Add Value to People

People that we are partnering with HAVE to have the mindset to serve others intentionally and consistently.

2. See Personal Growth as a Top Priority

There’s nothing quite like running with leaders who are focused on getting better and display a daily hunger for improvement.

3. Lead by Example

There’s seldom anything more contagious than an example. People do what people see.

4. Exceed Expectations

The most successful leaders/executives/owners we have partnered with, add more value than they take in payment

5. Live Life Intentionally/Initiate Action

There’s something about being around people who take initiative. It raises all the ships in the harbour. Your ships.

So there you have it folks. Whilst there are other important traits, like Humility and No Quit Button, we are finding that these top 5 make up an organization of all stars. Espirit de corps – does your team have it? How many of the above qualities does your team demonstrate? Isn’t it time to take your team to the next level?

Tune back in two weeks from now where I’m going to be talking about the SECRET to teaching your team how to double their quota. And there won’t be a sales pitch in sight.

With abundance,


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