I Thought it Was ‘Leadership?’

Shae Beth and I recently returned from a game changing weekend with the world’s finest leadership expert, John C Maxwell. If you haven’t yet got a copy of his latest book Leadershift, you’re already behind the curve. We won’t judge you. The most effective CEO’s that I have personally placed, the year on year growth from year 1 kind, have always had at least one thing in common. Their self awareness surrounding leadership shifts. Changes.

Certainty in Uncertain Times

The weekend jolted a memory of an interaction I had with a talented CEO previously, which pecked at me to write this post. I’ll call her Jane for this article’s sake. In a world where executing fast change is becoming one of the number 1 qualities of a company’s leader we wanted to know how she dealt with this. The ball zinged off the bat deep into right field and we were running conversational bases.

In a board of 7 where there’s only one other female she mentioned that the biggest (leader) shift she’s implemented is eliminating the fear of the visibility of her making the wrong move as a young, female CEO in a male dominated staff compliment often rampant with ego and opinion. Whilst the female element is somewhat unique, her message is universal. I know some of the board so I asked her how she’s already built such fantastic credibility whilst maintaining the mindset of being open to undoing everything on a dime.

“You cannot be the same, think the same, act the same if you hope to be successful in a world that does not remain the same.” John C Maxwell

I love what came out of her mouth next. Jane went on to describe how she’s intentionally (every week) is getting senior leadership used to the idea of ‘uncertainty’. Wow. Whilst we didn’t have time to really open the box deeper in terms of strategy/actionable items, I think it’s a massive topic that so many leaders of companies I meet don’t put into practice.

Attracting Key Leaders to Your Brand TODAY

If you do your homework you’ll see that CEO’s in the traditional business realm are getting younger and bolder. And driving growth faster. At the centre of these young bucks & does taking companies into a new age, is the ability to put operational cashflow on the table under watchful eyes and make key changes. Raising bottom lines and eyebrows at the same time. Whilst building certainty into senior leadership in uncertain conditions isn’t for the faint hearted, it’s crucial to building trust and excitement into your culture. That’s just part of leadership in today’s age. It’s estimated that in less than two decades, over 45% of the workforce will be millenial based. I’m on the fringe of the millenial label and many of my millenial colleagues and friends tell me that there’s three CRUCIAL things they look for in a company; that it’s going somewhere (GOAL ORIENTATED), it’s making a positive impact (MISSION) and they can have a voice and a hand in moving the company closer to the mission (CONTRIBUTION). I agree with them.

We here at CSG are all intimately reading Leadershift and to really get stuck into leader-shifting, you’re going to have to read JM’s newest, but know this, every outward shift in companies growth is from an inward change of it’s leaders and with every search we decide to take on, we look for such qualities in our executives. What’s the latest Leadershift you’ve made? Contact us today to find out what else you might be missing as you look to bring on your next leader. DS

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