Why your EQ and People Skills May Just Save You. Hopefully.


You said it Shania. Technical skills are rapidly being replaced by Bertie (the Bot) who, most of the time, is software based and invisible. I don’t know what’s more frustrating than being replaced by someone or something that you can’t see/meet but I’ll tell you this from the ‘big tech’ companies that we seem to be ever more at the beck and call of, times are changin’.

If you’re asking the question, ‘What’s AI?’, I’m not sure I can help you but stay with me here. Let’s look at some industries that are going to be most impacted by AI in the coming years. All of them. What? Let’s just approach this from a logical standpoint. Logic ONLY. As a business owner, if you’re a company that comes to me and says we can increase your bottom line 30% over the next 10 years and reduce your costs by over 40% at the same time, I’m going to make some time to coffee with you. I mean why wouldn’t I? I’ve seen this starting to happen across a number of industries as software and hardware enters a very sobering implementation era.

If you’re not yet into futurist and NYT best selling author Martin Ford’s works on AI, I’d highly recommend he be your next read. You can pick up a copy of his latest book Architects of Intelligence HERE. I’d also highly recommend his TED talk.

Artificial Intelligence

“Organizations enabling AI at the enterprise level are increasing operational efficiency, making faster, more informed decisions and innovating new products and services.”  – Forbes

Companies deploying (employing) AI across the board will gain quick, competitive advantages and in this day and age, that’s all it takes to corner a sizeable piece of the market, reducing costs and employee headcount similarly.

It’s predicted (PWc) that the first wave of Artificial Intelligence (happening now by the way), will account for about a 3% displacement of jobs. Meh, no biggie right? Wrong. The first wave is only a precursor as, with the next wave (2030 and beyond), that number rises to a staggering 30%. The only reason you would be at risk of being replaced is if you’re daily routine is generally automatable. Wait isn’t that most jobs? Yes. Whilst it’s expected that the transport industry will be significantly impacted beyond these predictions, if your role is centered around critical thinking, problem solving and the like, your risk of displacement will be lesser but it’s only a matter of time.



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